My 7x7x7 project

This my 7x7x7 rubik's project.
Basically, it is a extension of a 5x5x5, with one more layer around it.
For a 7x7x7, there are more difficulties because the extreme corner cannot be attached to the rest of the cube while turning a extreme layer.
As you can see on the photographs below, in fact, you don't need circular movements. Its implies that some layers change of aspects, during a rotation.
This method can be used to build other extentions, like a regular 6x6x6 or an extended Megaminx...

My first try.

The finished pieces.

The molding process.

Copying all the pieces, many times, and cutting the unwanted parts.

 Building the cube.

Now, it works like a 5x5x5, you can see the deep cut that will be filled to make a 7x7x7.

Compared to a 3x3x3, just 2 more pieces to finish.

To be continued, when I will have time to remake the mold with a better precision...

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