Program for foucaulting telescope's mirror

Foucault is an Amateur Telescope Making freeware for controlling telescope mirrors with the measures from the foucaultmeter.

It can also calculate the parameters of the Couder Screen using several criteria.

For each set of measures, it gives the shape of the mirror and the zones to be polished. All the measures are saved and can be seen at any time in a worksheet to find the good way to polish the mirror...

This freeware and the documentation are in English and French .

Its works under Windows 9x and later. The included sources are under the GPL license V2. 

Latest build 1.51 (21/07/2009 ): Download setup_Foucault_1.51.exe (527 ko):

- Removed obsolete language.
- New icon.

build 1.50 (23/12/2007 )

- Works also under Vista.
- Now handle the mousewheel.
- Add the extention with the filename, if needed, when saving.

build 1.49 (14/10/2007 ):

- Corrected a language bug while creating a new mirror.
- Bug fixes and cleanup.

build 1.48 (23/09/2007 ):

- Added RMS and Strehl ratio ( merged from 1.9 series).
- Bug fixes and cleanup.

See the documentation in French or English.

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