Ray-tracing software for optical devices

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QtLens is an Amateur Telescope Making freeware to help with optical design and optimisation.

Its compute the ray-tracing analysis of optical devices containing conical surfaces with reflection, transmissions thru differents mediums (like BK7),stops diaphragms, analysis of the expected quality with the scatter plot diagram.

For developers, It is under the GPL license, using Qt, feel free to send patches and request !!

Build 0.91 beta (29/11/2009): Download setup_QtLens_0.91.exe (4.30 Mb): or the sources: QtLens_src_0.91.zip

- Added perfect surface.

- Better UI to chose parameters in the sheet data window.

Build 0.90 beta (4/10/2009):

- Better scatter plot, and drawings.
- Some bugs corrected

Build 0.89 beta (20/09/2009):

- Added french translation.

Build 0.88 beta (17/09/2009):

- Different glass are showed with different colors.

- Misc. user interface improvement.

Build 0.87 beta (16/08/2009):

- Hidden ray are now showed.

- Autofocus parameters are saved.

Build 0.86 beta (02/08/2009):

    - removed a bug about infinite curvature.

Build 0.85 beta (01/08/2009): 

    - added surfaces management.

Build 0.84 beta (28/07/2009):

    - added autofocus.

Build 0.83 beta (27/07/2009):

    - better precision on saving.

    - updated engine.

Build 0.82 beta (25/07/2009):

    - added multi-wavelength.


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